Venom is just the beginning This is what awaits you in Morbius

Venom is just the beginning This is what awaits you in Morbius

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“Venom” is just the beginning: This is what awaits you in “Morbius”

Replace Tom Hardy with Jared Leto, swap the alien organism for blood thirst, and you already have a good idea of ​​what awaits you in the upcoming “Morbius”, which takes place in the same world as “Venom” and the upcoming “Venom 2”.

Iron Man, Captain America and many of the other heroes of the super-successful MCU were part of the Marvel remnant ramp before they became protagonists of the most successful film franchise under Kevin Feige and his team.

Even Sony does not necessarily choose the characters in its current series of comic adaptations because they can’t imagine anything better than creating a series of films with “Spider-Man” villains, but because the film rights to characters like Venom or Morbius are already in the portfolio anyway – and at least the theatrical success of “Venom” (which is currently one of the most popular films on Netflix) suggests that the “Spider-Man” scrap ramp is also quite lucrative.

After “Venom” comes “Morbius”

Since Spidey as the most popular character from the “Spider Man” cosmos was loaned to Feige and his team, where the films with Tom Holland are made as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony is now working on a series in which Spidey’s most famous opponents are the focus . “Venom” became a surprise hit, which will be continued from June 24, 2021 in “Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage”. Before that, on March 18, 2021, “Morbius” starts with Jared Leto.

The success formula of “Venom” should be used again here: Take a charismatic star actor for the lead role, now Jared Leto instead of Tom Hardy, and let him fight against himself, as it were:

In “Venom” Eddie Brock (Hardy) has to fight off an alien organism that controls him on the one hand, but on the other makes him very strong – in “Morbius” the biochemist Michael Morbius (Leto) becomes a vampire to fight his blood disease, but with the Newly gained strength is also accompanied by a thirst for blood that is very dangerous for all other people . Go stream. Go stream.

Not really bad at all

Although Morbius and Venom are classic antagonists from the Spidey comics, in their films they are more anti-heroes than real villains. For Venom, this can be said without a doubt, he has to face an even more villainous villain in the final, with Morbius we assume that it is very much. In any case, the trailer gives the impression of a tragic figure: Michael Morbius just wants to get well, but becomes a monster he will fight against.

Crossover with “Spider-Man” movie

Kevin Feige has so far not shown any connection between the MCU and the Sony series, but the reverse is very likely. Adrian Toomes alias Vulture (Michael Keaton) appears as the villain from the MCU film “Spider-Man: Homecoming” in “Morbius”, and Michael Morbius walks past a graffiti in the trailer in which Spidey is called a murderer should be referred to the end of “Spider-Man: Far From Home”.

The fact that Tom Holland stops by in one of the spin-off films only sounds like a question of time, especially since the return of Vulture points to the formation of the villain combo Sinister Six, whose film appearance was already a spin-off of the “Amazing Spider- Man ”film series was planned – and when the Sinister Six finally got their own film, it would be strange if Spidey’s archenemies weren’t going to fight Spidey.

Sony has also begun work on a number of other spin-off films, including one for “Spider-Man” minor Madame Web, one for Nasty Kraven the Hunter, and (likely) a “Spider-Woman” film directed by Olivia Wilde. But it remains to be seen which of these projects will actually hit the silver screen in the end.