Trailer for Yakari – The movie The Little Sioux on the big screen

Trailer for Yakari – The movie The Little Sioux on the big screen

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Trailer for “Yakari – The movie” The Little Sioux on the big screen

Yakari who can speak only one in his trunk with animals, soon experienced his first movie adventure. “Yakari – The movie” based on the popular comics and you can see in the trailer also:

The first Yakari comic published in 1969, but until the first film, it will take more than 50 years old: “Yakari” to be launched on 22 October 2020th

If the spread of the coronavirus in this country remains under control, is expected to also not stand in the way – that’s because the situation in the US just is not the difference from large US productions that are increasingly pushed to the back of these days under control.

That’s the point in “Yakari – The movie”

The Sioux Yakari gets from his totem animal the gift bestowed to be able to talk to animals after he saved the young wild horse Little Thunder. Yakari then follow Little Thunder in the wilderness – and is rescued by horse when he fell into a raging river. Together they embark on an adventurous way back, which leads through the mountains …

To enter into Yakaris world, the collection offers a slipcase with three volumes, which it u. a PrimeWire. available at our affiliate partner Amazon *.