The Japanese will build the world’s largest concrete powerbank from Energy Vault

The Japanese will build the world’s largest concrete powerbank from Energy Vault

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The future of green energy is technologies that will not only generate energy from renewable sources, but above all will be the cheap energy stored and supplied when it is needed most.

SoftBank has created the largest fund in the world called Vision Fund. At the moment he has a budget, a trifle, $ 100 billion. This cosmic money is to be used to finance the most interesting projects and companies that create them, which are to push technological progress forward and change the lives of millions of people living on our beautiful planet for the better.

One of the projects the fund has invested in is the world’s largest concrete power bank. Its originators are people from Energy Vault. They designed a tall tower of concrete and steel to be an extremely efficient energy storage. The essence of its functioning is very simple. Wind and solar farms are dependent on atmospheric conditions, so they don’t produce that much energy all the time.

Their great complement is the innovative tower that can accumulate this energy. When there is no high demand for energy produced by renewable energy installations, its excess is used by a 6-arm crane to lift concrete blocks weighing 35 tons each. As energy demand increases, concrete blocks are dropped by gravity, and the resulting kinetic energy is converted into electricity and supplied to the grid free top web tutorials.

The concrete energy storage has a capacity of 80 megawatt hours and is able to produce electricity at a cost of just 6 cents per kilowatt hour. The test concrete tower is to be erected in Milan. Although such facilities are nothing new, because pumped-storage power plants are also popular all over the world, but the tower was created with a view to building it in the desert. e.g. in Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emirates, where water is like a medicine.