Terminator The Dark Fate The best Easter Eggs

Terminator The Dark Fate The best Easter Eggs

November 18, 2019 Off By Thomas

“Terminator: The Dark Fate”: The best Easter Eggs!

With one wants to not only connect Part 2 “Terminator 6” but let this really cheers. Some scenes recall so subtle, others obvious to James Cameron’s action milestone.

Attention, followed spoiler to “Terminator: Dark Fate”!

Attention, followed spoiler to “Terminator: Dark Fate”!

The “Terminator” movies “Rise of the Machines,” “Salvation” and “Genisys” play for the most recent entry in the killer cyborg saga not matter – because “Terminator: The Dark Fate” sets up where James Cameron’s ” terminator 2 ended “. The film is not only a continuation but operate simultaneously as a reboot, can enter the new fans.

For all but those who love the first two “Terminator” films, the makers countless allusions and set pieces have packed in their history. And yes, even the often decried third part there is a parallel …

Without any claim to completeness (who takes each frame under the microscope will surely be much more) to unravel and without exactly where because ending a substantive Parallel and a playful homage begins, we have for you some of the coolest and funniest Easter Eggs gathered in the film.

“I (do not) will be back”

The most obvious thing first: Yes, the cult quote that is associated not only with “Terminator”, but also with actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1984, also occurs in the sixth film – and twice as well, albeit in a modified form.

Linda Hamilton’s version: Already in the trailer was the Sarah Connor Actress her “I’ll be back” (first) to the best of their big appearance in the film when she 9 Rev (Gabriel Luna) blows to the motorway. As us Linda Hamilton revealed in an interview that it was for them a particularly difficult task, Arnie’s cult quote to give their own voice. Mission completed? We think: yes!

Linda Hamiltons Version:

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s version: When the troops around makes for Dani (Natalia Reyes) on the final battle, knows now living under the name Carl Terminator, that this time he will not come back if he leaves his forest cabin – and says that too loud ,

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s version:

In another quote one has, however, deliberately chose a different path. When Grace (Mackenzie Davis) Dani can namely know that they on their side is better off with her, she does not say just “Come with me if you want to live” ( “Come with me if you want to live”) as once Kyle Reese to Sarah Connor, but “Come with me or you’ll be dead” ( “Come with me or you will die”).

familiar scenes

The Terminator on the hunt: The plot of “Dark Fate” has many parallels to the first two films – and especially come through strongly in a few moments. For instance there is the Rev 9 poking in search of his victim only to its parents or father before he terminated him shortly thereafter. Similar to the T-1000 eliminated (Robert Patrick), who said John Connors foster parents of Part 2.

The Terminator on the hunt:

The sacrifice of the machine: Grace is not a Terminator, but in principle the same mission as the T-800 in “Terminator 3” – and they accomplished exactly like its predecessor. Dani namely, utilizes the energy of the core cybernetic Grace modified to destroy the Rev. 9 In Part 3, it is also the power source of “good” Terminator (Schwarzenegger), who finally destroyed by Kristanna Loken played Terminatrix.

The sacrifice of the machine:

The Epilogue: After the battle was won against the killing machine from the future, Dani visited nor the young Grace -, throwing a glance by a fence on a playground. This scene is a reenactment of that nightmare scene from “T2” in which Sarah (also at the fence of a playground standing) and everything falls apart around them to ashes. In “Dark Fate” Dani Ramos also still rising after then in an SUV and continues with Sarah into an uncertain future – just like Sarah at the end of the first film.

The epilogue:

Funny little things

Musical reference: The scene at the beginning of Part 2, a troop of bikers stirring up in the Schwarzenegger in a bar, is a cult. Anyone who has seen the film often has the introduction to the events so well also particularly good in the head – and also knew the “Dark Fate” -Macher. Dwight Yoakams song “Guitars, Cadillacs,” which runs during the bar brawl, has therefore also made a brief appearance in “Dark Fate” when the Rev-9 rushes after the fight with his opponents in a cookout VIPMOVIES.

Musical reference:

The good old sunglasses: When Carl leaves his hut, ready for battle, he engages in typical Terminator-style sunglasses for that was in the first film an indispensable trademark. But Carl has changed in recent years, has become human – and puts the glasses so again.

The good old sunglasses:

The date of Kyle Reese’s arrival: In the first part was Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn), who was sent back in time to protect it to Sarah Connor before coming also from the future Schwarzenegger terminator. The date: May 12, 1984. Carl’s work phone number – he now works indeed with curtains – ends with 512 in 1984, as seen on his van:

The date of Kyle Reese’s arrival:

“Terminator: The Dark Fate” is still running in German cinemas.

“Terminator: The Dark Fate” is still running in German cinemas.