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Elon Musk sharply criticized Bill Gates on Twitter. "He has no idea about it"

Elon Musk couldn't help but comment on Bill Gates' words that appeared on his Twitter profile a few days ago. The co-founder of Microsoft wrote there that even if there is a breakthrough in the production of efficient batteries for cars, trucks, ships or airplanes, he does not see the future in it. According to him, a better and more ecological solution are drives based on biofuels or hydrogen cells.

The three new Polish islands already have their names. The Poles themselves gave them

Estyjska, Brysna and \u015ami\u0119cka, these are the names of the new islands. The Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation announced that 22,000 people took part in the competition. One island in the Vistula Lagoon, which is created as a result of its ditch, will be named Estyjska. It refers to the old, medieval name of the lagoon. 9984 people supported her. The second and third islands are formed in the north and south of the Szczecin Lagoon. The first was named Brysna, and the second was \u015ami\u0119cka.

You won't watch YouTube videos if you don't show your ID card or credit card

YouTube has just announced that it is starting to use new AI-powered technology to impose age restrictions on more videos, which means users have to log in more often for age verification. The company explains that it decided to take such a step after appeals from many worried parents and various organizations from around the world that suggested that the platform is not safe for children. Of course, YouTube has repeatedly emphasized that the service is not intended for children under the age of 13, and even launched YouTube Kids, where younger audiences can find content that is right for them, but as it turns out, these are not enough resources to stop resolute youth.

Vivo is working on a strange smartphone with a physically detachable webcam

... it's scary to think how easy it will be to lose such a tiny module. Nevertheless, Vivio has always focused on the originality of its designs and liked to go ahead, especially when it comes to cameras. It is enough to mention this year's Vivo Apex, which is the first smartphone with a camera under the display, and at the same time the successor of the model that first presented a retractable camera. Now, the Chinese manufacturer is going one step further and presents a camera module that we can simply detach from the smartphone - interestingly, Vivo has officially confirmed that the detachable webcam is a standalone device that can also be used after removing the phone.

The mysterious dark planet absorbs 99% of its parent star's light

We are talking about an exoplanet called WASP-104b. Astronomers report that it is darker than charcoal because its albedo, or light reflectance, is only 0.03.