Vivo is working on a strange smartphone with a physically detachable webcam The idea itself seems very interesting and allows you to solve the problematic front webcam once and for all, which interferes with achieving real frameless designs, but on the other hand ...

... it's scary to think how easy it will be to lose such a tiny module. Nevertheless, Vivio has always focused on the originality of its designs and liked to go ahead, especially when it comes to cameras. It is enough to mention this year's Vivo Apex, which is the first smartphone with a camera under the display, and at the same time the successor of the model that first presented a retractable camera. Now, the Chinese manufacturer is going one step further and presents a camera module that we can simply detach from the smartphone - interestingly, Vivo has officially confirmed that the detachable webcam is a standalone device that can also be used after removing the phone.

"The user can detach the camera module and control it remotely, which allows for innovative angles and application scenarios," explains the company's representative to the Android Authority. No wonder that the RedDot website, which awards its awards for the most interesting and innovative solutions, appreciated the concept of the Chinese manufacturer. However, this does not change the fact that we are not sure whether IFEA, because this is the name of a smartphone with a detachable camera, will even hit the market. As Vivo claims, work is still underway to assess the potential use of this technology in consumer products - is its cost too high, or maybe the company is afraid of fans' reaction?

It's hard to say, but the detachable module promises to be a real revolution, because as we can read on the Red Dot website, the webcam works by default in the retractable mode, but if we want, we can also remove it from the device. What's more, it can also be controlled by voice, which significantly increases its range of possibilities - we can hold it in our hand or place it in some place, and then move away to take a great shot. - IFEA has many accessories and support mechanisms with different modes top web tutorials operation to increase stability and storage options. As a result, videos can be recorded while walking or playing sports, without any compromise on visual stability, the product summary reads. In addition, it should be mentioned that the IFEA was also equipped with a traditional rear camera, so the detachable module will not function as the main unit and boasts a frameless design with a display covering the entire front of the smartphone, which looks phenomenal. By the way, we would also like to remind you that Vivo will officially start selling its devices in Europe on October 20, so when IFEA is ready for its debut, we will have the opportunity to buy it without having to save ourselves from imports.