The future is today. The Polish company offers payments in shops ... with eyes! In recent years, we have had many convenient payment options at our disposal, including a smartphone or a smart watch, but this is still nothing compared to the latest Pay Eye offer.

Yes, the name of the company shows well what payments the Wroclaw company is targeting - this one has developed an innovative method of paying by looking, which until recently suited more science-fiction films than our reality. Meanwhile, the future is happening before our eyes, because this method of payment can be used in 60 places (restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, gas stations or car washes) and, as Stefan Augustyn from Pay Eye says in an interview with RMF FM: witnesses of the revolution, because in fact something that has been talked about for years or we could only watch it, for example, only in the cinema, we started to put into practice.

It's hard to disagree with it, because although we are familiar with biometric security, we use fingerprint readers or face scanning on a daily basis, it is another thing to protect your smartphone and make such payments. The creators of the solution, however, ensure that it is completely safe, both for our eyesight (here we use certified devices with infrared cameras that are not harmful to the eyes) and for our wallet. It is now recognized that iris scanning is the safest biometric security feature, as each iris is different - even for one person, right and left are different.

How does it all work? Pay Eye explains that the system scans the iris and then turns the image into a unique code that is used for payment. Interestingly, however, you do not need to carry out tipsdump complicated registration at the company's headquarters and it is enough to go to its website, where we will make a simple verification. Thanks to this, we will get access to a virtual wallet, which we top up with any amount we want to spend on purchases - this means that our funds on the account are safe, because the payment is not made directly from it. Later, all you have to do is go to one of the 60 payment points with your eyes, where the iris pattern will be downloaded and we can pay this way also in the others.

What's more, Pay Eye also has an idea for further applications for its system: - (...) we want to further develop the biometric system. We believe that it can be useful, for example, in controlling access to buildings, where not everyone should have access to specific zones. I also think that the participation or identification of participants in mass events can also take place thanks to the use of identification with the iris of the eye. It can also be used, for example, for identification at the airport, it can also be used in public administration, where you need to directly verify someone if this is the person they say they are - explains Augustyn in the above-mentioned interview.