Porsche Taycan beats the head Model S. Elon Musk is preparing an adequate answer

Porsche Taycan beats the head Model S. Elon Musk is preparing an adequate answer

September 7, 2019 Off By Thomas

Experts from the automotive world announce a fierce rivalry between the German group and the head of SpaceX. Both electrics are powerful and luxurious vehicles, but only one can win.

Taycan recently made a great time at the famous Nürburgring track, which is the perfect place to show the powerful capabilities of the latest vehicles, both with internal combustion and electric engines technologi. The four-wheeled athlete completed an extremely difficult 20.6 kilometer track in 7 minutes and 42 seconds. But it is not everything. From the latest tests of many automotive fans it is clear that it is better in most respects than the Model S from Tesla.

Elon Musk could no longer stand in the shadows and finally poured a cup of bitterness on the new athlete from Stuttgart. The billionaire laughed at the Turbo note in the electric Taycan mark. Musk admitted that it was more compatible with a combustion engine, not an electric one, and announced breaking the Taycan record at the Nürburgring.

Porsche explains that vehicles with Turbo and Turbo S designations will have increased power from 670 hp to as much as 751 hp. Thanks to this, the sprint to the hundred will last 2.6 seconds. Meanwhile, the Model S version P100DL boasts 2.4 seconds acceleration. Therefore, it promises to be very fierce competition, not only in terms of power, but also the appearance and equipment of both vehicles.

It is almost certain that Taycan will enjoy great popularity. After all, we are talking about a famous sports brand with a great tradition. In addition, for some time we have received news from the USA that the customers there are already bored with Tesla and expect something more. In addition to Porsche, several other fully-electric and luxury vehicles will appear on the market in the coming years. The Tesla position may be under threat again, which is why Musk reacts so nervously to all hits on its fairly young company.