New Blu-ray to DVD & The Lion King double Dolls Horror and one of the best films of 2019

New Blu-ray to DVD & The Lion King double Dolls Horror and one of the best films of 2019

November 18, 2019 Off By Thomas

New Blu-ray to DVD & “The Lion King”, double Dolls Horror and one of the best films of 2019

Besides the remake of the Disney classic “The Lion King” with “Child’s Play” and “Annabelle 3” celebrate two horror dolls comeback. Also new for home cinema: the documentary masterpiece “Apollo 11”.

New week, new luck – and to indulge his passion for film and fill the DVD shelf especially many new opportunities. According to the of “Spider-Man: Far From Home” listed home theater highlights of last week, this week Here are some other movie highlights of recent months …

A stunner, even at home, “The Lion King”

Large pictures: Who wants to be put out to date in terms of photo-realistic computer animation needs, not to investigate until long – the answer’s in Jon Favreau’s “The Lion King”. We were allowed in the home cinema already take a look at the film and see: The remake of the popular animated classic is at home visually as impressive as in the movies!

Big pictures:

Lots of bonus material: In order to enjoy the quite extensive bonus material, you do not need the way to invest in an expensive special edition. Already on the standard Blu-ray finds its numerous extras! In addition to the three-part making-of “The Journey of The Lion King,” which runs 53 minutes and fascinating insights are, among others, to music by Hans Zimmer, is seen in “Origin of memorable music scenes,” as some of the complex animated scenes were shot – from storyboard to the final result.

Lots of bonus material:

Several movie versions: in addition to other extras such as music videos you can also play the movie in several versions. For the first time, probably the theatrical version is best suited for a Zweitsichtung would then offer but among others, the sing-along version or audio commentary by director Jon Favreau. “The Lion King” there’s also of course on DVD, 3D Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray.

Several movie versions:

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“Annabelle 3” vs. “Child’s Play”

Of course, this week, but not only serves Disney fans, but also die-hard fans of genre cinema – with a duel of cult dolls and a long-awaited sequel. All fully uncut!

“Annabelle 3 ‘: The third part of the” Conjuring “-Spin-off series will finally put an end to the activities of the cursed doll demonologists Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga). The sequel to the mega successful horror saga’s from Nov. 21 on DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray Steelbook yesmovies.

„Annabelle 3“:

“Child’s Play”: After seven Chucky movies is “Child’s Play” for the first time not a sequel but a reboot. This time it is a toy doll that gets paid by his mother (Aubrey Plaza) a boy (Gabriel Bateman). However, this is not obsessed in the original by a serial killer, but simply equipped with modern, lethal technology. The film will be released on November 22 as a DVD, Blu-ray, as well as limited edition Media Book (DVD + Bu-ray).

„Child’s Play“:

“3 From Hell”: whole 14 years had Rob Zombie fans waiting completed by the rocker’s disturbing trilogy about the Firefly family (among others Sheri Moon Zombie and Bill Moseley). A few weeks after theatrical release are available for fans of “House of 1000 Corpses” and “The Devil’s Rejects” finally “3 From Hell” from November 21 to take home.

„3 From Hell“:

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Chucky vs. Annabelle: The battle of the horror doll goes on in the home theater!

Series of “Gotham” to “Super Girl”

The weather invites more and more one to sink evenings or weekends on the couch, to einzumummeln in a blanket and surrender completely to the series enjoyment. As the new seasons of “Supergirl” (Season 4) “Gotham” (Season 4) and “Gray’s Anatomy” and come, “The Flash” (Season 5), “Star Trek: Discovery” (Season 2) just right – the latter will also appear in the Blu-ray Steelbook.

In addition, it is finally (13 season) continue with the fantasy perennial favorite “Supernatural”. All series’s on Thursday, November 21, in the trade.

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Masterpieces and collectibles

With “Apollo 11” is one of the best films of the year from today finally home cinema. The visually and acoustically masterful reconstruction of the first moon landing is for us a real documentary masterpiece that was honored in the FILM STARTS critique with the full score. The same, incidentally, applies to James Cameron Action milestone “Terminator 2”, the 4K version from November 21 receives (including Blu-ray) you also send Steelbook.

And while we’re at masterpieces in 4K: Even the South Korean thriller “Oldboy” was re-evaluated and put Cape Light Pictures in a limited three-disc edition. Media Book collectors can look beyond even “The Lair of the White Worm,” “Pocketful of Miracles” and the South Korean action thriller “The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil” appreciate.

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Other new products: “TKKG” & more

With “TKKG” the cinema adventures of investigators Friends Tim, Willi, Gaby and Karl also finally released on DVD and Blu-ray, as well as Ludovic Bernard “The piano player from Gare Du Nord”. With stars like Diane Keaton, Pam Grier and Jacki Weaver studded comedy “Dancing Queens” about a troupe of pensioners who try again to be a cheerleader, appear only on DVD.

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