NASA is investigating the first crime in space

NASA is investigating the first crime in space

Off By Thomas

In the end it had to happen. It was only a matter of time. The agency announced that the first crime in history involving one of the crew members occurred on board the International Space Station.

The whole thing is quite bizarre, but NASA treats it serious because it involves a serious crime prosecuted by the US judiciary tech boss. Astronaut Anne McClain is suspected of having illegal access to the bank account of Summer Worden, her former partner, whom she divorced some time ago.

Worden says this happened while McClain was in space, aboard the International Space Station. At that time, both women were already separated, so the astronaut was not allowed to log into her ex-partner’s account. Therefore, the American Space Agency had to investigate the matter to clarify this whole strange situation.

McClain admitted that she checked her Worden account because she wanted to know if she had enough funds to pay the bills. However, the astronaut’s partner did not wish to do so and informed the Federal Trade Commission about this fact. Interestingly, Anne McClain was to be one of the two women who would be the first in the history of the conquest of space to take a female space walk outside the ISS.

Unfortunately, this great event did not take place because NASA did not have on board a space house two suits suitable for women (small versions). McClain was also mentioned as one of the candidates for flights to the Moon under the new Artemida program, and even became the first woman to walk on the planet’s natural satellite.