After Dark Fate the only way the Terminator series can now be saved

After Dark Fate the only way the Terminator series can now be saved

November 10, 2019 Off By Thomas

After “Dark Fate”: the only way the “Terminator” series can now be saved

A success “Terminator 6: Dark Fate” probably no more – for the outrageously expensive production was simply too weak in the cinemas. Perhaps it is but not too late for a turnaround that would long ago have come.

+++ +++ opinion

+++ +++ opinion

After “Terminator: The Dark Fate” lay the weakest start the entire series already in Germany, an economic crash is also emerging in the US. Just 29 million, the film played there at its opening weekend one – with a budget of as much as 185 million US dollars!

So it must have been done, that Fox and Paramount with the film still write in the black a little miracle. Finally, in addition to production costs, the expenses must be for purely retrieved for marketing. If the series is nevertheless continued after the upcoming “Dark Fate” Flop (finally let one does not rest even after previous failures) I wish as a fan of good movies that franchise creator James Cameron is pursuing a new, old approach.

Please no CGI bombast more!

Since the great “Terminator 2 – Judgment Day” of 1991, associated the killer cyborg saga with huge, spectacular battles of attrition, see “Terminator 3 – Rise of the Machines.” Came in 2003, including R-rating and a lot of fun and especially handmade Action therefore, should be but now but subsequently deleted with “Dark Fate” as a supposedly “real third part” from the memory of the audience – and the help of a veritable barrage the digital effects which apparently originate from the computer. Zeros and ones, everywhere you look.

After “Terminator Salvation” and “Terminator: Genisys” – the first for me is more of a solo film, the second simply outrageous – should the series but really saved. But despite the obvious bonds mainly connects to the second part in my circle of friends “Dark Fate” hardly the masterpiece by James Cameron. What the quality is rather opposed to the film from the outset part of three or five. Not necessarily a compliment – and certainly not the goal of Tim Miller.

The director promised us the “Dark Fate” set that his film has more action would be as if he has ever seen in a movie. He seems however to forget is that especially fans of the first two parts (which I like to call “original series”) to practical, tangible effects delight.

What is especially arrives at action scenes: They only become significant if they are beneficial and history and only work if the viewer is also rightly found – and is not, as killed in the airplane scene of animated crash-boom so so he no longer knows where above and below (which was so definitely not intended). Without substantive relevance also the largest action spectacle is completely worthless.

More action than ever before: FILM STARTS on the set of “Terminator 6: Dark Fate”

But even after the last four chapters of the “Terminator” saga I still believe that it is possible to make a good “Terminator” movie. However, under different circumstances Fmovies

Rather low-budget action as in the first “Terminator”

“Terminator” from 1984 has just cost 6.4 million US dollars once – depending on inflation calculator would today meet a budget of about 16 million, ie less than a tenth of the actual “Dark Fate” costs. And it does not mean nothing less is more.

When a visionary like James Cameron takes for his films money in hand (and these are then also self-directed), then you know that every cent of it is well invested. Part two will cost already horrendous 100 million US dollars in 1991, with a box office of more than 520 million US dollars but it is also the most successful part of the series – and there is inflation not considered times. For less experienced filmmakers such as Tim Miller is something else. Because even if the landing with “Deadpool” a huge hit, he has refrained from it do not have to say as a director.

To a distinguished filmmaker to give an opportunity but keep the associated risk as low as possible, you could in a seventh “Terminator” movie – if at all anyone dares to invest in the series – go back to the roots, focus on the story, the characters and their dynamics, and only as a means to advance the story, use action. One thing is certain: It does not need 185 million US dollars, in order to provide a good sci-fi blast on its feet.

“District 9”, “Looper” & Co. do it before

In recent years, many filmmakers have proven that no huge pile of money are needed to deliver good, action-packed sci-fi cinema. Should it actually come to another “Terminator”, I would like in any case that is not “loud bigger, more” inflated by the motto but focused instead on the essentials, while as I’m relatively “small” remains , To illustrate here are a few films in which order I would like another “Terminator” part:

“District 9”: The produced by “Lord of the Rings” -Macher Peter Jackson and directed by then unknown Neill Blomkamp ( “Elysium”) Sci-fi thriller provides political dynamite is an exciting process and looks on top of that damn good. Production costs 30 million dollars.

„District 9“:

“Looper”: Cool sci-fi actioner from Mittlerweile- “Star Wars” director Rian Johnson starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as hardened time travel killer. Production costs 30 million dollars.


“Dredd”: A straight action movie especially visually totally crazy way goes – and flopped at the box office, but nevertheless a large fan base to Flocking that requires many years for a sequel. Production costs: $ 50 million.


“Upgrade”: Wonderfully nasty, uncompromising sci-fi actioner that no prisoners makes and sometimes delivers spectacular images – and as almost no budget film. Production costs: 3 million dollars.


All these films have to talk not only with their story in the best possible, but also offer partly spectacular action R-rated character. Exactly probably be made the “Dark Fate” -Macher with her film, but they are ultimately overshot wide of the mark and the franchise have thus perhaps buried forever.