A space odyssey for our time? Kerbal Space Program 2 announced

A space odyssey for our time? Kerbal Space Program 2 announced

Off By Thomas

Fans had to wait a long time for this announcement, but it finally happened – the Gamescom 2019 fair taking place in Cologne turned out to be the perfect opportunity for it, which also brought the first movie trailer.

We remind people a little less oriented in the subject that Kerbal Space Program is a computer simulation game created by the Squad studio, which allows players to run their own space program, i.e. build and send their ships and rockets into space. And although a large proportion of players must seem terribly boring, especially in the clash with modern, overloaded productions, KSP has regularly landed in the lists of the best PC games and has devoted fans to date. What’s more, the title took interest in Take-Two, which also released it on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Now we have the announcement of the second installment, which is to hit Steam in the spring of next year (at a later unspecified date also on consoles) and contains many interesting news. The first is certainly a changed developer, because currently the game is responsible for the game Star Theory Games (formerly Uber Entertainment), which will ensure that Kerbal Space Program 2 is an epic adventure in space, also in multiplayer mode (although we have not yet known any multiplayer details) , which in the first part was unavailable.

In addition, the developers announce that players will be able to build new interstellar ships with new engines that will be able to take them outside the Kerbal solar system world top technology. We also have a new colony-building system with comprehensive bases and the ability to construct new vehicles from orbit. In addition, we can count on many improvements in key aspects of the Kerbal Space Program, i.e. a new terrain system that will make the planets much more interesting in exploration or deeper support for mods.

If you haven’t played one before and are afraid that the game is too complicated and developed for you, then the developer assures that in KSP 2 we will find an improved tutorial. Thanks to it, the game will return to its high level of difficulty on the one hand, and explain its assumptions and mechanics on the other – in short, creating space programs cannot be easy, but at least now someone will teach us the basics well. So how are you waiting for your opportunity to become a cosmic pioneer? Well, since Elon Musk himself was delighted with the first part, something must be right, right?