Elon Musk sharply criticized Bill Gates on Twitter. Bill Gates decided to comment on the future of developing global transport and making it greener. His statements irritated the boss of Tesla and SpaceX. Which of the billionaires is right?

Elon Musk couldn't help but comment on Bill Gates' words that appeared on his Twitter profile a few days ago. The co-founder of Microsoft wrote there that even if there is a breakthrough in the production of efficient batteries for cars, trucks, ships or airplanes, he does not see the future in it. According to him, a better and more ecological solution are drives based on biofuels or hydrogen cells.

The long-awaited Battery Day conference will take place soon. Elon Musk is to present the latest battery technologies for his vehicles, namely the sports Roadster, Cybertruck pickup and Semi trucks. Experts believe there will be a huge breakthrough in this area in the next few years.

The head of SpaceX wants to offer mass production of lithium batteries with a capacity of 400 Wh per kilogram of weight in just 3-4 years. Currently, the most powerful version of the Model S uses cells with a capacity of 100 KWh, weighing around 700 kilograms. In 3 years they are to weigh only 250 kilograms with the same capacity.

This means that automotive concerns will be able to produce much lighter vehicles that will offer much better performance and ranges. This, in turn, will make them more and more popular. But that's not all of the advantages of the new generation of batteries. The cost of producing 1 KWh cells is expected to fall below the psychological limit of $ 100. For us, this will mean the possibility of buying cheaper electric vehicles than is currently the case.

Elon Musk stands by Tesla Semi and rebuts Bill Gates 'critique:' He has no clue'https: //t.co/ODWKQ5AA93 pic.twitter.com/C4oybzhx4n

Batteries with a capacity of 400 Wh per kilogram of weight are also an introduction to the production of electric aircraft. Experts believe that with such efficiency and low battery weight, we can already start seriously thinking about building fully environmentally friendly air vehicles. And it is not just about passenger planes, but also about flying cars

However, Bill Gates is of a different opinion. That said, the batteries are and will continue to be too big and heavy to cover long distances. The world's second richest man also praised US carmakers for their all-electric pickup designs such as GM, Ford, Rivian, and Bollinger.

As more and more industries are showing the first signs of a technological singularity, it is difficult to determine which technology will eventually become popular and global success. For now, manufacturers should develop all possible drives and increase competition. So both Gates and Musk are right. Time will show which solution will eventually become popular, as happened with gasoline and diesel engines.